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Volume 11, issue 2
Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 725–751, 2018
© Author(s) 2018. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 725–751, 2018
© Author(s) 2018. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Model description paper 28 Feb 2018

Model description paper | 28 Feb 2018

Simulating ectomycorrhiza in boreal forests: implementing ectomycorrhizal fungi model MYCOFON in CoupModel (v5)

Hongxing He et al.
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Mousong Wu, Per-Erik Jansson, Jingwei Wu, Xiao Tan, Kang Wang, Peng Chen, and Jiesheng Huang
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2018
Manuscript under review for HESS
Diurnal, seasonal and long-term behaviour of high arctic tundra-heath ecosystem dynamics inferred from model ensembles constrained by time-integrated CO2 fluxes
Wenxin Zhang, Per-Erik Jansson, and Bo Elberling
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2017
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Parameter interactions and sensitivity analysis for modelling carbon heat and water fluxes in a natural peatland, using CoupModel v5
Christine Metzger, Mats B. Nilsson, Matthias Peichl, and Per-Erik Jansson
Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 4313–4338,,, 2016
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Simulations of water, heat, and solute transport in partially frozen soils
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Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2016
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Simultaneous quantification of depolymerization and mineralization rates by a novel 15N tracing model
Louise C. Andresen, Anna-Karin Björsne, Samuel Bodé, Leif Klemedtsson, Pascal Boeckx, and Tobias Rütting
SOIL, 2, 433–442,,, 2016
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Evaluation of leaf-level optical properties employed in land surface models
Titta Majasalmi and Ryan M. Bright
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ORCHIDEE MICT-LEAK (r5459), a global model for the production, transport, and transformation of dissolved organic carbon from Arctic permafrost regions – Part 1: Rationale, model description, and simulation protocol
Simon P. K. Bowring, Ronny Lauerwald, Bertrand Guenet, Dan Zhu, Matthieu Guimberteau, Ardalan Tootchi, Agnès Ducharne, and Philippe Ciais
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 3503–3521,,, 2019
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Modelling northern peatland area and carbon dynamics since the Holocene with the ORCHIDEE-PEAT land surface model (SVN r5488)
Chunjing Qiu, Dan Zhu, Philippe Ciais, Bertrand Guenet, Shushi Peng, Gerhard Krinner, Ardalan Tootchi, Agnès Ducharne, and Adam Hastie
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 2961–2982,,, 2019
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Simulating the effect of tillage practices with the global ecosystem model LPJmL (version 5.0-tillage)
Femke Lutz, Tobias Herzfeld, Jens Heinke, Susanne Rolinski, Sibyll Schaphoff, Werner von Bloh, Jetse J. Stoorvogel, and Christoph Müller
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 2419–2440,,, 2019
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Description and validation of an intermediate complexity model for ecosystem photosynthesis and evapotranspiration: ACM-GPP-ETv1
Thomas Luke Smallman and Mathew Williams
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 2227–2253,,, 2019
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Publications Copernicus
Short summary
Ectomycorrhizal fungi (ECM) have shown a major impact on forest C and N cycles, but are currently neglected in most ecosystem models. We thus implemented the previously developed ectomycorrhizal fungi model, MYCOFON, into a well-established ecosystem model, CoupModel. This paper describes the key components and features of Coup-MYCOFON. The new version of CoupModel can now simulate C and N fluxes and pools, explicitly accounting for links and feedbacks among plant, soil, and ECM.
Ectomycorrhizal fungi (ECM) have shown a major impact on forest C and N cycles, but are...