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Geoscientific Model Development An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union
Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 4097-4109, 2016
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Model evaluation paper
17 Nov 2016
Multi-annual modes in the 20th century temperature variability in reanalyses and CMIP5 models
Heikki Järvinen et al.

Data sets

20CR: The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project
G. P. Compo, J. S. Whitaker, P. D. Sardeshmukh, N. Matsui, R. J. Allan, X. Yin, B. E. Gleason, R. S. Vose, G. Rutledge, P. Bessemoulin, S. Brönnimann, M. Brunet, R. I. Crouthamel, A. N. Grant, P. Y. Groisman, P. D. Jones, M. Kruk, A. C. Kruger, G. J. Marshall, M. Maugeri, H. Y. Mok, Ø. Nordli, T. F. Ross, R. M. Trigo, X. L. Wang, S. D. Woodruff, and S. J. Worley
ERA-20C: ECMWF's atmospheric reanalysis of the 20th century
P. Poli, H. Hersbach, D. Tan, D. Dee, J. N. Thepaut, A. Simmons, C. Peubey, P. Laloyaux, T. Komori, P. Berrisford, R. Dragani, Y. Trémolet, E. V. Hólm, M. Bonavita, L. Isaksen, and M. Fisher
An Overview of CMIP5 and the experiment design
K. E. Taylor, R. J. Stouffer, and G. A. Meehl

Video supplement

Animations of the 3–4 year mode for all data sets
H. Järvinen, T. Seitola, J. Silén, and J. Räisänen
Publications Copernicus
Short summary
This study compares the 20th century multi-annual climate variability modes in reanalysis data sets (ERA-20C and 20CR) and 12 climate model simulations using the randomised multi-channel singular spectrum analysis. The reanalysis data sets are remarkably similar on all timescales, except that the spectral power in ERA-20C is systematically slightly higher than in 20CR. None of the climate models closely reproduce all aspects of the reanalysis spectra, although many aspects are represented well.
This study compares the 20th century multi-annual climate variability modes in reanalysis data...